How to keep your glass-topped hob in pristine condition

hot to keep your glass topped hob in pristine condition

How to keep your glass-topped hob in pristine condition

It’s an issue that often gets heated, excuse the pun. So how do we achieve a streak free, gleaming hob when it’s looking less than shiny after a big kitchen cook up? Like any job, arm yourself with the best tools and the right results will follow. 

Induction hobs are a popular choice in modern kitchens for their sleek and simple appearance if nothing else. But like any other appliance in the home, they need care and maintenance to function properly. Too many scratches and scuffs and they will lose their aesthetic appeal. Too much dirt and they won’t work as they should, transferring sufficient heat from hob to pan.

Maintaining your hob is quick and easy. Cleaning after each use will ensure your glass-topped hob is kept in pristine condition for years to come.



  • Apply harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach that will permanently damage the glass
  • Use abrasive wiping tools such as scouring pads that will scratch the surface
  • Use cloths that emit lint such as those with a high cotton content



  • Wait for the hob to completely cool before cleaning
  • Remove all excess food / spillages with a lint free cloth
  • Mix a splash of washing up liquid with clean hot water
  • Use a rinsed lint free cloth to wipe over the surface removing any stubborn stains
  • Repeat as many times as required until all stains are gone
  • Leave for two or three minutes until partially dry
  • Use a clean, dry lint free cloth – such as miracle cloth – to buff away the last traces of water until streak free and shiny


Why are lint cloths best to use on my hob?

Lint consists of the tiny fibres that are often left behind after using cotton based textiles – an unwelcome sight on the pristine surface of your induction hob. 

That is why we recommend using a lint free cloth such as miracle cloth or microfibre to remove initial dirt and stains before polishing off with a clean dry lint free cloth for a streak free finish.

The Wiper Company stocks a range of lint free products that are supplied as pre-cut cloths, on rolls or in handy dispenser boxes.


Need miracle cloths to keep your glass-topped hob in pristine condition?

At the Wiper Company, customer service is high on our list of priorities so it’s important that you are wholly satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we always offer a variety of samples so you can try before you buy.

If you are unsure which cloths are the right choice for you simply call us to discuss your available options. The last thing we want is to supply products that aren’t fit for purpose. We are always on hand to assist in any way we can. 

With our wealth of experience and knowledge The Wiper Company will help you find the optimum wiping and polishing solution.

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