Take a box of recycled cloth…

box of recycled cloth

Take a box of recycled cloth…

Keep it clean – and green – with The Wiper Company

Minimising waste is at the top of everyone’s agenda and The Wiper Company is no exception.

We stock many ‘second life’ products which form the heart of our business, preventing tonnes of unwanted yet pristine textiles going to landfill each and every year.

 Reuse, recycle, repurpose…

Textile waste is a hot topic in the world right now, not least in the UK where approximately 336,000 tonnes, roughly £140m worth of used clothing gets dumped each year. It’s a huge problem, mainly due to the rapid growth of ‘fast fashion’ during the past decade or so.

The hospitality industry is similarly tarred, with a staggeringly high turnover of ‘A’ grade linen in a bid to be the best in a competitive industry. Mend and make do is not something most hotels will tolerate, with even the tiniest tears and stains rendering thousands of sheets and towels completely useless.

So where does The Wiper Company fit into all this?

Our business was built on the idea of recycling as much of this unwanted material as possible. On preventing waste rather than creating it.

In short, we take otherwise redundant materials and re-process them for your use and convenience. Discovering customers’ requirements and tailoring each box of cloth accordingly.

Did you know…That 60% of the cloths we sell are recycled?

From t-shirt material to cotton sheeting, there are many products in our catalogue that have been round the block before. In fact, we prevent the disposal of thousands of kilos of such unwanted material each year, repurposing it for the specific use of businesses throughout the UK instead.

Recognising that certain materials still have value elsewhere means we can source, process, convert and grade them accordingly to ensure each box of cleaning cloths is fit for purpose. And when that’s done, we ship our orders in robust recycled cardboard boxes which can then be used again and again.

Many large and small businesses rely on the use of our second life products, including those in the engineering, maritime, automotive and aviation industries. Not only does this ensure that masses of usable material is steered away from landfill, but it also helps boost the green credentials of hundreds of firms around the country.

 Why buy a box of cloth from us?

Having been in business for more than 40 years we have seen industry practice evolve and change alongside the needs of customers too. We are mindful that our products are not a ‘one size fits all’ and aim to source materials that are suited to the task.

Customer service is high on our list of priorities so it’s important that you are wholly satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we always offer a variety of samples so you can try before you buy.

If you are unsure which wiping or polishing cloth is right for you simply call us to discuss all available options. The last thing we want is to supply products that don’t suit. We are always on hand to assist in any way we can.

With our wealth of experience and knowledge The Wiper Company will help you find the optimum wiping and polishing solution.

Call us today on 01257 425019 or email sales@thewipercompany.com