Why use lint free cloths?

lint free cloths

Why use lint free cloths?

For streak free windows, body shop repairs, furniture polishing and cleaning tasks, lint free cloths tick every box.

These lightweight, cost efficient cloths do not leave fluff or fibres behind. This can be critical in certain technical situations as well as in the home – not least on your electronic devices and glassware!

Multiple hi-tech industries opt for lint free when it comes to wiping machine parts and removing silicones. These cloths are also a popular choice for their high absorbency properties. Not least when it comes to dealing with spillages such as oil, ink, water and solvents.

The guaranteed consistency of our lint free cloths plus the fact that orders are cut to a uniform size make them the preferred choice for many customers.

What are lint free cloths?

Lint consists of the annoying little fibres that get left behind when wiping or polishing using cotton based cloths or rags. For glassware, furniture and machinery this isn’t ideal.

So how do manufacturers lose the lint?
Man-made and sometimes referred to as ‘non-woven’, lint free cloths are produced via a mechanical process called ‘hydro-entangling’. This means a variety of fibres are bonded together using heat and water, rather than traditional weaving or knitting techniques.
Different types of fibres can be used to create different properties of cloth depending on their purpose.
For example, to produce a high strength cloth, the quantity of polyester is increased. If greater absorbency is required however, more wood pulp is added to the mix.
Generally, fibres are mixed in roughly equal amounts to balance these properties.

What types of lint free cloths do we offer?

The properties of our lint free cloths ensure they are fit for a multitude of tasks, whether it’s high absorbency, wet strength or polishing attributes required.

The Wiper Company supplies a range of colour coded lint free products on rolls or as boxed sheets as well as soft lint free polishing cloths.

Dispenser boxes and floor stands are also available to enable neat and easy storage of cloths in the workplace or home.

What are the advantages of using lint free cloths?

● No fluff or fibres left behind after cleaning or wiping
● Less wastage compared to cheaper rag options
● Less bulky, saving on storage and disposal costs
● Extremely versatile products used in the workplace or home
● Uniform size of each cloth

Why buy from us?

At the Wiper Company, customer service is high on our list of priorities so it’s important that you are wholly satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we always offer a variety of samples so you can try before you buy.

If you are unsure as to whether lint free is right choice for you simply call us to discuss your available options. The last thing we want is to supply products that are unsuitable for purpose. We are always on hand to assist in any way we can.

With our wealth of experience and knowledge The Wiper Company will help you find the optimum wiping and polishing solution.

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